Bagpipe Tunes you can choose from

Tunes are grouped into below by general theme but please don't let this restrict your choice. Their main purpose is to set your mind at rest that you are not hiring a donkey to perform at your event. If you have specific tune that you want, let me know and I'll put it onto this page for you to listen to.

Tunes are saved in mp3 format and by clicking on the title, they should play in Windows Media Player or your alternative preferred piece of software. If they don't open straight away, right click the link and select "Save target as" to your desktop. You can then open them from within your media player.

All the bagpipe tunes below were recorded using a Fagerstrom Technopipe. The Technopipe is an electronic set of bagpipes and I use them as they allow for easier recording. They also give a reasonable representation of the Great Highland Bagpipe. Obviously, I use real highland bagpipes on the day so the tunes will sound even better live.

I often use the Fagerstrom to warm up my fingers before a function so if you see me sitting in a corner tapping my fingers on what looks like a stick with earphones, I'm practicing. I may even let you have a go as they don't involve any blowing or bag squeezing to get a tune. For those doubters amongst you, other than using a fade at both ends, the files have not been altered in any way. They are a pretty accurate representation of my playing capabilities and style.

General Bagpipe Tunes

Wedding Bagpipe Music

Party Bagpipe Music

Funeral Bagpipe Music

There's no need to choose every tune I will play at your event unless of course you to want to. When playing, for example for the arrival of guests at the wedding venue, unless told otherwise, I will draw upon my extensive repertoire and play a selection of appropriate popular, well known bagpipe music.